As you might have presumed, my name is Miek. I’m a twenty-something living in Antwerp, Belgium trying to pursue her dreams.

Some dreams are easy to pursue (eating a whole package of Brie, getting a nice pair of jeans or learning Spanish, for example), with others I’ve been struggling a little. The most important dream I’ve been trying to tackle lately has been the one where I find the best job ever. That turned out to be a little tricky in today’s economy.

So I started wondering, what if I just work my –not so dreamy- day job I already have and become a crazy famous-travel writing-prizewinning-blogger at night? Well, that might be the best dream job ever! However, I felt like it was a bit obnoxious to turn into a crazy famous-travel writing-prizewinning-blogger overnight. So I decided to take it slow and just be happy when I get viewer statistics that show more than 1 view.

I also decided to write this blog in English, I tend to meet a lot of people when I travel; unfortunately almost none of them speak Dutch. Which is a pity because we have these glorious words and sayings (like: ‘de poembak, which means the sink). English turned out to be the common language on most of my travels so I’ll stick to that. However, don’t chastise me when I make a grammar mistake, it’s not my day-to-day language you see. I watched all the Disney movies I had in English so I hope I have a pretty good vocabulary. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, that’s English right?

The one thing I’ve loved more than unicorns (which is a whole lot if you ask me) has always been traveling. Ever since I was old enough to get a student job, I worked my evenings away to take long vacations to far away places and mythical lands. I still have a long way to go and a lot of boundaries to explore, but I’m more than motivated to do so.

So just for the record: I’m currently 24, living in Antwerp, loving Sushi and reading, working my day job as a social worker and hating spiders with every inch of my body.



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